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Dionysopolis e was early byzantine town that existed on the territory of today’s Balchik. Its name means “city of the god Dionysus.” Remains of ancient city can be seen in the neighborhood Horizon Balchik. Location of this place was founded in V century bc the name or Krouni Krounoi by greek settlers. At the beginning of III century bc the city was relatively independent and is included in the system of fortifications built by diadohite. After separation of the Roman empire Dionysopolis falls within the Byzantine empire. In the VI century the city was destroyed by an earthquake and the population moved within the new fort, whose construction began in the late V and early VI century. Later (in the VII century) it came into the possession of bulgarians and Slavs, and was renamed Karvuna, then the Balek (named by the Boyar Balek, who ran their possessions here).

Temple of the great mother goddess Cybele

Temple of the great mother goddess Cybele was found near beach in the spring of 2007 during excavations for the construction of a hotel. Construction was halted by the municipality. Archaeologists are adamant that the temple of Cybele is the biggest discovery in recent years because it is a public building, not a private tomb or mound.
This temple of mother goddess Cybele is unique and not only for Bulgaria and the Balkans. Archaeologists believe that is the best preserved temple in the world and can be very important. The building was built sometime in 280-260 bc. and operated more than 700 years. There are rituals performed even 100 years after adopting Christianity. During excavations, archaeologists have discovered twenty marble statues most of the great mother of gods 20 the inscription mostly in Latin, 200 coins from III to IV century AD. and others goddess Cybele was worshiped as mother and was worshiped as early as the Neolithic.

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