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Fortress wall

The thracians were the first settled the peninsula and its construction began in the 8th century bc. On the northwestern coast was discovered on a wall with a gate time. It has a broken stones and mud and is maintained at a height of about 2 m.

Then the Greek colonists to the 4th century bc begin to build fortifications. They consist of large cut stones are arranged without mortar, the inside of the walls is filled with earth. When the romans conquered the fortifications remain intact and in use. Byzantium as the successor of the Roman empire began construction of the 5th century style “Opus mikstum” alternating layers of stones and bricks. It is best preserved city wall near the city gate. Here she is faced with big stone blocks into rectangles. The gate was flanked by two square towers on the side of them are symmetrically round and semicircular towers. Two doors steeps and double doors tightly entrance to the city. During the early bronze age fortified wall was built and the southwest coast and preserved until today. The first reconstruction dates from the end of the beginning of VI and VII century after the attacks of the avars. In the fall of Messemvria khan Krum troops destroyed the castle wall in the late ninth century, was restored with brick wall. In the middle of the defense system was repaired once again. Under the reign of Ivan Alexander walls were reconstructed. After the town was under turkish rule no longer strengthens and gradually declined.

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