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Beglyk tash

The sanctuary is located about 5 km north of Primorsko. It covers an area of 12 acres. Some call it the bulgarian stonehenge is a megalithic temple complex of the thracians. Situated on a flat stone area. It was opened in 2003, traces of which are excavators fiasco place. It was covered with dense vegetation of shrubs and trees. Sanctuary, according to some scholars was associated with the cult of the thracian god of the sun, but there are findings that may relate to the mother goddess. There are also dug holes in which they were made animal sacrifices.

This is the throne of the high priest.

Labyrinth was the place where young people were able to determine a future life. It has two exits. Those who choose the way forward, were directed to a pragmatic path, because this way of thinking evidence of rationality. Those who chose the left path, were worthy to be initiated into the priestly vocation. In the ancient world has left associated with mysticism. The left path has one more left again, turning, then falling sharply down the road. This is to allow those who pass the tests again to think about the meaning of his works. The ancients believed that those who go through this slit out purified. But be warned at the end again a frustrating!

Stone secured only two pillars.

The ritual consists of the entry of a future heros in a small cave called sacred and exit from the other end, symbolizing the birth of its religious as a child of the sun and mother nature.

House of the oracle.

Riven rocks, why did they split, what they thought that there in stone.

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