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A little more than a kilometer northeast of the center of Kazanlak find one of the oldest and most interesting early hellenistic tombs, tombs discovered in Bulgaria, so far. This is part of the Valley of the kings. It was discovered by accident on April 19, 1944 by soldiers who dug a trench under a mound in the northeast part of Kazanlak. She was a thracian ruler Roigos.

The tomb consists of three rooms a hall, built of stones and clay, narrow corridor with pointed brick finish and rounded brick burial chamber with bell dome.
Outside is covered with a casing of stones cemented with clay. In bones found in the burial chamber seems to have been made ​​man and woman. In the mound were found two ceramic vessels (Askos) and a silver jug with gilt, and in the porch the bones of a horse and ritual pottery (oynohoe). In the dome camera and found an amphora, clay dry rosettes of gold funerary wreath, small pieces of Thracian golden jewelery and pottery fragments.

The remarkable frescoes in four basic colors black, red, yellow and white. In the decoration of the tomb are used simultaneously two techniques: wet fresco (in the decorative and figural paintings) and temperatures (in color on the floor and walls). The suits are of mineral origin. To stain the plaster marble dust was added to achieve a mirror shine. In the corridor is divided into ornamental and crowned with two painted frieze first floral elements and a second image of fighting wars. The scenes reflect historical events connected with the life of the buried thracian ruler. Thracian Tomb of Kazanlak is from the late 4th century early 3rd century BC.

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