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Belantash rocky plateau is situated 60 km southeast of Plovdiv and 34 km. from the town, above the village door. The name means white, good, and smart rock knowledge. The dimensions are 310 meters on the plateau. of 40m., is 50m high. It seems really inspiring. The very Belantash a breathtaking panorama of the surrounding areas. To the rocky summit is reached by stone steps, guided to the site on which to this day can be seen ritual urns and trays with grooves which are engaged in rituals. The site of the plateau is quite smooth smoothed. Both are perfectly preserved reservoir depth 2.5 m diameter and 1.5 and 1.9 m. Under Belantash ancient graves were discovered, and close side Thracian settlement with interesting pottery finds.
There are various theories on the plateau.

One of them is that the Thracian sanctuary of the god Sabazius. Archaeologists think so, because the open silver votive plaque with the image of god Sabazios depicted as an angry bearded old man holding a snake entwined in his hands. Praise for search and discovery of scientists that tile is citizen of Asenovgrad Mr. Nicholas Boev, which is perhaps the most ardent researcher of the phenomenon. Extensive tourist, he is the author of two books about interesting plateau and is chairman of the “Belantash.”

There is a theory or rather a legend associated with the Thracians. Because of its location, Belantash is a natural astronomical observatory. During the equinox the sun rises just above the blue and the sunset over Mount Karadzhov stone. Researchers at the secret area are unanimous Belantash was the place where the ancient people, mostly Thracians were carrying their relationship to space. For the first time in 1986 there is a sky map in the character of the plateau. In the pit are visible instruments for determining the place of stars. Over the years, this theory is gaining many followers. In proof of the thesis attempts to trace the location of celestial bodies before 6-7000 years. The results are still at the hypothesis. There is a third theory that Belantash was the center of space tourism. Dug cisterns may have had a purely technical matter for takeoff and landing of spacecraft. The configuration of the rock holes researchers found distinct constellations ursa major and minor, leo and Orion. The sun and moon accurately in both wells at certain dates of the year.

There is a legend associated with the flood. It is alleged that there had stopped Noah’s Ark and the evidence considered clearly visible rings, which were tied ropes to the ship. True or not the round holes are there to this day.

Proponents of the ufo itself located in Belantash landing on spacecraft, the card was on the scale grid and serve as a benchmark. So they say is artificially leveled away.

Apart from tourists, Belantash is visited regularly by psychics, fortune tellers and psychics. Nearby you can see tents “rechargeable energy” people according to their incredibly strong energy field of the scale.

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