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On the way to the mound in the area Chetinyova Manastircheto Horizon mound is located, named the European Foundation “stichting horizon” means by which excavations were made in 2002. Found monument of thracian architecture from the late 5th to early 4th century BC.

Interestingly, the cladding of the building is a thick layer of river and rough stones, used to protect from moisture, like a drain. The temple has 10 columns, only at least until opened. Six of them are located in front and two towering sides, forming a rectangular block. Each column rests on the base has two drum and capital in the early Doric style. The space between the facial and lateral columns like transverse corridor, but it was something like a wide entrance, which was entered by three steps and entrance between the central columns. Thereof, in a small hall leads to the central chamber. In the temple in the 4th century BC. was buried deified Thracian ruler, which he has become a mausoleum. He was buried with his horse. Later was plundered, destroyed and spattered. Others are only 15 plates of golden armor, 12 bronze arrows on top, silver rings and pieces of pottery.

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