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Kamen Beach is a village in northeastern Bulgaria.It is located in the municipality of Kavarna, Dobrich District.

Old names

Kamennik - Medieval, inadequately maintained.

Kaya Bey kyoy - from the Turkish yoke - literally translated "house of stone master. Toponymy in the whole region and this name is of Turkic origin. Reason is avtoktonnoto gagauzko population, which is known to be Orthodox Christians under the rule of Istanbul Patriarchate of Turkic (not Turkish) origin. Name of the village comes from loneliness scale before "Little yayla on the beach before the village, symbolizing his place, and even stone coast of kilometers around, high no less than 30 meters.The region is also the site of Yaylata, which is an enormous stone formation.

Stanka - during the Romanian government of 1919-1940

In Kamen coast live only Bulgarians, some of which are descendants of migrants from the Balkans (Kotlenska and Elena), another part - the descendants of migrants from Romania - came at the beginning of forty years of the twentieth century as a result of Kraiova Agreement.

Cultural and natural landmarks

2 kilometers south of the village is the archaeological site Yaylata with many tombs, stone houses and early Byzantine fortress wall. Northwest of the village has a large necropolis of Scythian tombs. The entrance of Yaylata is detected and cleared Thracian altar of the sun. High coast north and south of the village there are a number of megalithic monuments. "Fire" - gas field by the end of 50 years, which until now heat the souls of every visitor Kamen Beach.

Regular events

Meet Julie morning. Participants - people from all over Bulgaria


Each year on June 3 in the village fair is held obshtoselski. . It is mainly local folklore program of folk, and guests from the municipality.

In August each year takes place in rock climbing competition.

At the beginning of September each year is held traditional sessions "sea and wind.It participate skluptori and artists from all over the country and abroad.Ends with an exhibition of outdoor art gallery in the town of Kavarna and continues to gastrolira throughout the country.

On July 25, 2007 in the village was opened an information center that provides information about archaeological reserve Yaylata and other tourist sites in the region.


ailata is a national archaeological reserve, located 2 kilometers south of Kamen Beach and 18 kilometers northeast of Kavarna. Primorska terrassa represents an area 300 decares separated by sea from rocks with high amounts of 50-60 meters.

In the cave area is open "city" 101 "dwellings", dated to the 5th millennium BC In the northern part is preserved early Byzantine fortress from the end of the 5th century, with partially preserved four towers and a gate.In medieval caves were used as a monastery complex.

Regular archeological excavations are carried out by 1980, the main interest of studies represent early Byzantine fortress necropolises and cave complexes. ailata area was declared an archeological reserve by the decision of the Council of Ministers in 1989

The name has ailata Turkic origin and means "high pasture.

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