Malko Tarnovo

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Malko Tarnovo (Bulgarian: Малко Търново; "Little Tarnovo", as opposed to Veliko Tarnovo) is a town in southeastern Bulgaria 5 km from the Turkish border, part of Burgas Province. Malko Tarnovo is the only town in the interior of the Bulgarian Strandzha Mountains, with the other important settlements being located on the coast.

Christianity is the dominant religion in the town, where an Eastern Orthodox and an Eastern Rite Catholic church exist. According to Lyubomir Miletich's demographic survey of the Ottoman province of Edirne in The Destruction of Thracian Bulgarians in 1913, published in 1918, before the wars Malko Tarnovo was a district centre inhabited by 1,200 Bulgarian Exarchist families and 80 Eastern Catholic Bulgarian families.[1]

Prior to the Balkan Wars (1912–1913), Malko Tarnovo was a township (kaza) of the Kırklareli sanjak in Edirne vilayet, and was ceded to Bulgaria following the wars.


Malko Tarnovo is the seat of Malko Tarnovo municipality, part of Burgas Province. It includes the following 14 localities:

Bliznak, Brashlyan, Byala voda, Evrenozovo, Gramatikovo, Kalovo, Malko Tarnovo, Mladezhko Slivarovo, Stoilovo, Trakiytsi, Vizitsa, Zabernovo, and Zvezdets

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